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Here, You Are Welcome

There are places that you pass through. And there are places that truly inspire. That was the case with Jackson and Erik Warner, who spent summers as a kid working at area hotels. Fast-forward a few decades, and his dream of owning a hotel in the American West's most unique destination was exactly that - until a down and out motel in the heart of Jackson came on the block. And once the ink on the deal dried, he went to work assembling his team: the Brooklyn-based Studio Tack, a group of designers, who were charged with living a full year in Jackson before the first nail was hammered; a collection of craftspeople to create, from the millwork on the walls right down to the blankets on beds; a group of hoteliers who were ready to act as the ultimate hosts, welcoming new arrivals, outdoor enthusiasts, and locals alike. The result is a hotel with a soul, a retreat that was born of a place, not just dropped into it.

Here, you are welcome