Our Program

The Anvil Hotel in collaboration with The Teton Art Lab are proud to host Uncommon Art, our Artist in Residence program running through June 2023. This is Anvil’s 5th year hosting the program which began in 2017 and is held each year at its sister property Sound View Greenport.

Six exceptional artists from all over the country were selected from hundreds of applications to live and work on property and be inspired by Jackson Hole. As part of the residency, each artist is invited to share something with the community (that's you) whether it be a performance, an open working session, or even a display of their work.

Image from Alise Anderson Art.

Building a Creative Community

As artists, sculptors and filmmakers converge at The Anvil, a powerful conversation of the creative community ignites. Our artist participants will host open working sessions, display key works, and lead socially distanced talks, inviting the community into rare opportunities to witness the artist's journey, from inspiration to completion. Image by Kristin Mills.

Join the Conversation

Get inspired to start crafting your very own work of art during Uncommon Art Residency at The Anvil Hotel.
Image by Nina Nichols.


Schedule of Residencies

Please also visit our activities calendar for artists' performances and community events.

Our Uncommon Artists

Katrin Schnabl

Featured Artist in Residence

January 2-14

Katrin Schnabl is an artist, designer, and educator. Trained as a dancer, Schnabl moved from Frankfurt, Germany to New York, where she honed her skills both on stage, and off, by creating costumes for dance artists. Through sensory and kinetic experiences she is forging new intersections and audiences for her project based practice.

Nina Nichols

Featured Artist in Residence

March 1-12

Nina Nichols is the active president of “The Black Forest Fancies Non-Profit Organization”, an experimental community arts promotional group, helping to extend the gifted members of the arts community of New Orleans to work with dreamers all over the world. Nina is a theatrical designer, parade arts teacher, playwright and installation artist working and living in New Orleans

Alise Anderson

Featured Artist in Residence

March 19 - April 1

Through sculpture, video, and performance Alice Anderson investigates the mundanity and absurdity of ordinary objects. In dialog with a vast array of materials, the artist manipulates and constructs forms which blur definitions of functional and nonfunctional. Themes of trauma, humor, religion, and internet culture emerge as Anderson continues to decode her relationship to a world full of objects. Comedy and sadness are both present in the room.

Brian Fouhy

Featured Artist in Residence

May 1-14

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Joni Sternbach

Featured Artist in Residence

May 31- June 8

Joni Sternbach is an American artist, photographer, and filmmaker. Over the course of her career, her work has explored a variety of themes, including domesticity and the family, and sexuality and the body. Issues of gender, identity and feminism are the most critical themes in her work from the 1980s-1990s, where the female figure is the central voice.