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Kulture Collective

“Culture, Community and Compassion are so interconnected. Kulture is a platform giving access for exploration of communities through a cultural touchpoint." - Erik Warner

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Kulture Collective

The Kulture Collective is a great conversation. It reveals, engages, informs and grows. Fosters community through conversations. These conversations start in programs such as the Uncommon Art Residency and Ally Program.

The mission of the Collective is to:
Create connections through shared experiences.
Promote culture by supporting and sharing it.
Through its programs such as our Uncommon Art Residency and Ally Program.

Uncommon Art

The Uncommon Art Residency program hosts artists from January to May 2022. The program started at the Anvil's sister property Sound View Greenport and is now in its 4th year, this will be the second year Anvil is hosting.

Under the care and stewardship of local arts organization, the Teton Art Lab, has six exceptional artists from all over the country that were selected from hundreds of applications to live and work on property and be inspired by Jackson Hole. As part of the residency, each artist is invited to share something with the community (that's you) whether it be a performance, an open working session, or even a display of their work.

Image- "Seeing You/Seeing Me" by Mami Takahashi

The Uncommon Ally

Facilitating human interaction and providing support for the creative community is at the core of our Uncommon Ally program.

We look at layered approaches in all that we do and believe that both parties gain insight on the world and themselves in every interaction. To further enrich the Uncommon Residency and create more meaning for our residents, the community, and our Collective, we are inviting five members of the Kulture Collective who have participated in past programs like its Beach Fire series to come and share an experience, an adventure with our residents.

While our Uncommon Residents are on property, we are inviting our Ally's' to come out for three days and overlap with our Residents' stay. This is not to critique or mentor, it is about bonds and community.